Stay safe my artist friends...


And to my collector friends - Now is the time to buy.

Any artist's work.

If you collect art, reach out to those artists you love and ask how you can support them. 

This is the time for real patronage in the community.


Artists dedicate their lives to their practice. And for the foreseeable future, as unpredictable as the next months will be - artists won’t be having any gallery shows / art fairs / etc...

to show their work and support themselves and their families.


I realize that art becomes very ‘unimportant’ in times like these, and safety is paramount.

But rents are still due, and artists are still creating.

40% off artworks in the Shop. Enter code 40off at checkout.

OR don't enter code, and pay 100%  and I'll donate 40% to the LA Food Bank.

School closures and quarantines are causing members of our community to miss meals.

Thank you and please take care of each other.

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