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©2020 TM Desire Obtain Cherish

‘The Meltdown’. 


At dinner one night a friend told me that she was bored with her boyfriend, and breaking up with him.  She said, "Like he's really not doing much with his life and I know I can find better." 


I said, "So nothing is actually wrong, you just want to throw him away because you're bored." 


“ I guess”, she said. “You know, take a lick then try some other flavors. Lots of hotties out there. On to the next.” 


The ubiquitous sculpture of a blowpop by the artist Desire Obtain Cherish has a dark commentary delivered in a pretty package. 


Limited to 25. 


Archival paper.

40"H X 30"W

edition of 10




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The Meltdown (large)

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  • 'The Meltdown'. Archival paper. 40"h x 30"w. This print is an edition of 25 plus 2 AP proofs.  The imprint on the artwork shows the embossed Desire Obtain Cherish stamp, and is signed and numbered by the artist.