Low Electronic Tone



Low Electronic Tone

Lite Jet Matte Photograph on Aluminum.

38 x 39 x 1 inches (96.52 x 99.06 x 2.54 cm)

Edition of 3

  • Juxtaposing cyber imagery with subtitles of atmospheric sounds, he captures still moments in-between what feels like stills from a dramatic movie. He describes them as “Muted moments”.

    “The world feels to me as if it has paused, and the volume has been turned down. The planet is resting, adjusting, and shifting, and we are forced to feel moments that otherwise would have rushed by. I wanted to create works in slow motion, works that are meditative, yet alive.”

    What is captured in these works isn’t the real intent. It’s the moment yet to come that is the reveal. How we individually interpret the works dictate whether they are hopeful or dystopian. Paul leaves it to the viewer to make that determination, by allowing us to quietly imagine how the next scene plays out.