Cherry Mini Meltdown

Excluding Sales Tax

Cherry Meltdown with Red Stick

16" UV cast resin

Painted stick

UV gloss

16 x 6 x 7 inches

Signed and numbered


Edition of 150


"I had dinner one night with a girl who told me she was breaking up with her boyfriend. She said she was bored.


"What's wrong?", I said.


"Nothing's wrong," she replied, "It's a big world out there. On to the next."

As I drove home that night I imagined her taking one lick off a blow pop and simply tossing it."


Irony has been a staple of DOC's works. Society's growing dark reality is wrapped in beautiful and seductive packages.


  • This is a handmade sculpture. Each is made one at a time. Clean with a dry cloth. Do not use a cleaning solution. Keep out of direct sunlight to ensure color for years to come. Do not pick up or handle the stick. Always pick up the base of the sculpture.