NFT Projects

My goal is to create high-quality, culturally relevant collections of NFTs to provide a unique trading experience for my collectors.


Meltdowns (Video)

The Meltdown is ubiquitous with the name Desire Obtain Cherish.This series of NFTs are "digital twins" of his sculptures.


DOC Uniques

DOC uses satire surrounding cultural constructions of power, identity, consumerism. This collection is open and will be added to periodically.


Gross Domestic Happiness (Video)

Gross Domestic Happiness portrays an information meltdown of society. Adapted from a video installation in his “Horn Of Plenty” show in Los Angeles in 2019. They are an array of sayings, truisms, un-truisms, oxymorons, soothsayings, and aphorisms.​


Buddist TV (Video)

Buddhist TV is best described as Rothko Paintings come to life. They breathe, yet instill serenity. Custom music written specific to each NFT adds a meditative component that pushes this medium just a bit farther.


Designer Drugs

DOC's Designer Drug series of wall sculptures debuted in 2012 with Chanel, LV, Hermes, and YSL in the first collection of  his 6 packs of designer pills. Many other high profile brands were created over the years, including Off-White, Balenciaga, and Comme Des Garcons.



The CellBlox are 3D voxel icons, created by Jonathan Paul, then registered on the Ethereum blockchain.
Cellblox's are 1/1 + 2APs.
3000 x 3000 pixels