CURATED BY CHE MORALES, Amber Kelly, Andrew Gori

Desire Obtain Cherish
Artist / Pop Artist / Conceptual Artist

In Nature of None, Jonathan explores the contradictions of searching for meaning in one’s life. His immersive installation is floating in a cloud filled sky, as if referencing a surrealist dream, however its clinicalness seems to suggest a self improvement spa. The ambiguity is intentional and the works are not without purpose.


“Understanding ourselves involves understanding the nature of who we are as a species. Nature it seems, is ever evolving and full of contradictions. The nature of the planet, of humanity, of language, of meaning, of purpose, of rituals and of personal boundaries, constantly form and reform like clouds in the sky. As we mature we often recognize our excessive desires and begin seeking guidance to improve upon our inner nature. We search for meaning and purpose to help us make sense of ourselves and the world around us. The irony is that nature itself is never static. We fail to recognize the nature of things is to have no nature.”