Hey, I hear you’d like to commission a CellBlox.

First make sure you’re following @CellBlox & @DesireObtainCherish on IG, and let your friends know that you’re soon to be a CellBlox collector:)


I've got 3 options for you.

CellBlox Print

Print Archival 18 x 24 in. 350 USD

CellBlox Frame

NFT + Digital Frame .2 ETH


NFT + Print .1 ETH

Ok, how do we do this? 

To commission a CellBlox, Venmo the appropriate amount of the option you’d like.  In the details section, type CellBlox and the name of the Icon you’d like, as well as your email address.

If you’d like a print, Venmo 350 USD.

If you’d like an NFT + Print, simply ask Siri or Alexa today’s conversion of .1 ETH and Venmo that amount.

Same for the NFT + Frame, ask Siri or Alexa today’s conversion of .2 ETH and Venmo that amount.


My Venmo is @desireobtaincherish


How long does it take?

Print + NFT commissions take 3 weeks.

NFT + Frames take a bit longer. Usually depends on how fast we can get the frame made. Expect 4-6 weeks. I’ll email you details once everything is ready to ship.

Free shipping in the US.

If you live outside the US, we’ll calculate shipping to you and request additional payment.

How do I get my NFT once it’s ready?

Great question.
I’ll gift you the final NFT at the value you purchased it at when it’s ready. You’ll have to supply me your wallet address.



One last thing.

Each CellBlox NFT is a 1/1 + 2 AP NFT’s.

If you commission a Batman NFT + Print, you will receive a 1/1 'Batman'  NFT, and a signed 1/10 Batman print.

If you commission a Batman NFT Frame, you will receive a 'Batman AP'  NFT 1/2 (Artist Proof).


CellBlox NFTs are 3D voxel icons, created by Jonathan Paul, then registered on the Ethereum blockchain. 3000 x 3000 pixels. Minted at Opensea.  

Thanks, but I've still got a question.


Ask me. desire@desireobtaincherish.com


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