Path To Riches
Path To Riches
We Are Known By The Company We Keep
We Are Known By The Company We Keep

Artworks / Series

Outdoor Sculptures

Indoor Sculptures

    Disposable Series

        Large Meltdowns

             Mid Sized Meltdowns

             Mini Meltdowns

        Ring Pop

            Mini Ring Pop

        Ice Cream


       Plush Series

       Appropriation Sculpture Series

       Sex Doll Series

       Panacea Series


       Prescription Drugs Series

       Distraction Series

       Eye Movement Series

       Slogan Series

Gelatin Capsule Pill Series

       Artist/Celebrity Drug Abuse/Death

       Affluence Series

Wall Mixed Media

       Solar Flower Series

       Snap Flower Series

       Text Bubble Series

       Intensive Care Unit Series

       Birth Control Series

       Text Series

       Flag Series

       Appropriation Series

   Drug Series

       Testament Of Faith Series

       Prayer Bead Series

       Candy Drugs

       Designer Drug Series